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Secret Garden Publishing - Kenneth Ray Stubbs
Secret Sexual Positions
Ancient Techniques for Modern Lovers

by Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Ph.D.
Illustrated by Kyle Spencer

secret sexual positions

secret sexual positions  secret sexual positions

secret sexual positions

secret sexual positions  secret sexual positions

Secret Garden Publishing - Kenneth Ray Stubbs

“Once the wheel of love has been set in motion, there is no absolute rule.” Thus the Kama Sutra reminds us as it instructs in its sixty-four arts of love and sex.

Similarly as for ancient lovers, the wheel turns today for us, modern lovers in a technological, rapid-pace world.

We turn the corner and our eyes connect with someone new . . . for the first time we touch a long-time, platonic acquaintance . . . at a class reunion we reconnect with our long-lost high school sweetheart . . . we are having sex with a just-a-one-night-stand, someone we met at an outdoor café on vacation down in the islands. . . .

And suddenly we realize something is different. We feel it in our chest, maybe our abdomen, our pelvis. It’s mutual. We hold each other closely—psychically, energetically, if not physically.

It’s chemistry! It’s electric! It’s intense. The world, our body, is vibrant. We probably call it love, whether we are in puberty or in a rocking chair.

A wheel has been set in motion. An inspiring archetype, the wheel symbolizes wholeness, continuity with the past and the future embraced in the moment. As we fall in love, the wheel consumes us. We soar outside the domain of rules, of techniques, of how-tos, for the wheel of love can take us to both our deepest and to our expanded highest self as well as to our craziest moments.

Dancing in life with the wheel of love in our center, our body and our spirit are as one. We know where and when to touch. We know when to approach, when to wait, when to yield to our beloved’s subtle glance. . . .
There are many variations on this theme. We’ve all probably experienced this more than once, perhaps for a fleeting moment, perhaps for a few weeks, perhaps with the same person at various times throughout much of our lifetime.

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