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Secret Garden Publishing - Kenneth Ray Stubbs
Male Erotic Massage
A Guide to Sex and Spirit

by Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Ph.D.
Photography by Jim Dennis

male erotic massage  male erotic massage

male erotic massage

male erotic massage   male erotic massage

male erotic massage

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Secret Garden Publishing - Kenneth Ray Stubbs


Learning massage is a journey to the soul.

Consciously touching another, whether he be friend, family, lover, or stranger, is a dance with the soul of another.

Yes, we stroke the physical. Yet, the touch goes deeper. We nurture the Godbody. Our hands become the expression of our heart touching flesh embracing heart.

The techniques that follow in this book can bring us to an experience of these words.

To come to such a place, where we are at one with another, his physical body and his Godbody, may take many hours of exploration, of practice, of giving and receiving massage.

At first, learning massage techniques will most likely feel awkward. Stay with your focus, and over time the parts can become a whole.

Remember these techniques are but a few of a myriad of possible strokes and styles of massage. Always be open to your own creativity. Adapt, modify, develop your own expression. This is what the first human doing massage had to do.

During a massage, either or both of you might feel erotic. You might or might not engage in any of a variety of sexual expressions before, during, or after a massage. However, should sex or orgasm become the sole goal, you might miss many other pleasures.

Sleep may occur. Laughter or tears or other feelings and memories are always possibilities. The body is alive. It has memory. And our touch can awaken both the agony and the ecstasy. It is all natural.

Allow each moment and each feeling to unfold itself. Many inner beauties can be discovered.

Let the massage be the meditation. The essentials of the journey are touch, presence, and compassion.

Trust, joy, and pleasure are the gift given and received.

Copyright © 2001. Secret Garden Publishing. All rights reserved.

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