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erotic passions
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Secret Garden Publishing - Kenneth Ray Stubbs
Erotic Passions
A Guide to Orgasmic Massage, Sensual Bathing,
Oral Pleasuring, and Ancient Sexual Positions

by Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Ph.D.
Illustrated by Kyle Spencer

Erotic Passions is lavishly illustrated throughout in full color by artist Klye Spencer. Here is a sampling of the beautiful artwork to be found in this book.

erotic passions


Secret Garden Publishing - Kenneth Ray Stubbs  

From the “Introduction”

Thou hast ravished my heart with one of thine eyes.
Song of Songs

Once the Wheel of Love has been set in motion, there is no absolute rule.
Kama Sutra

Why don't we do it in the road?
The Beatles

Inherently, we are erotic, sexual beings. Sexual desire, passion, and lusty, juicy attractions are natural. The sights, the sounds, the smells, the tastes, and the touch of another can all be a part of the sexual turn-on. Pheromones - those natural subliminal fragrances produced by the body - are far more influential in erotic attraction than most of us realize. Subtle energies flow between us, often sparking the body electric, luring us closer. When we resonate with each other, we desire. Erotic passion is at our core. Different individuals in different cultures at different times have danced the primordial sexual dance differently, some with more shame or guilt, some with more joy and ecstasy. All men, of course, are not alike. Likewise, all women are not alike. One moment is not an exact clone of the next moment. But our sexual dance is inherent in our nature.

For Whom?

This guide is for lovers who wish to be even more erotic. It is for lovers who wish to say without words, ‘I love you.’ It is for strangers who wish to explore becoming lovers. It is for longtime mates who wish to relight the fires.

What Is an Erotic Lover?

Friction sex is the rubbing together of body parts. It can feel pleasurable. For many it is the predominant mode of sexual expression. Friction sex, however, lacks certain qualities: the sensual and the intimate. Sensuality is the appreciation of all the sensory modes: flavor, fragrance, hue, texture, timbre, contour, and more. An erotic lover is willing to take the time. Intimacy is openness to our own feelings and to our partner's feelings. It is honesty, vulnerability, and trust. There is willingness to listen and to communicate. While one need not necessarily be romantically in love, there is always respect. In contrast to the repetitious nature of friction sex, erotic sex flows. One moment may be spontaneously playful, the next quietly reverent. There is lingering, allowing the next feeling and touch to unfold. In exploration, new joys are welcomed. To be an erotic lover, then, is to blend the sensual, the sexual, and the intimate.

A Guide

We are all capable of expressing these qualities. Unfortunately, we may never have learned how to create conditions that encourage sensuality and intimacy. Rarely at puberty are we sent to a mentor to learn how to be a creative lover. In school there are no courses in Erotic Lovemaking. And the backseat of a car is far from conducive to learning about a slow hand, an easy touch. Through trial and error and sometimes fortunate circumstances, we may begin to integrate the sensual, the sexual, and the intimate. The process and experiences are unique for each of us. What follows in this book reflects my own particular development. The various techniques, exercises, and rituals are suggestions, a guide for rediscovering some paths not taken for a while. Some suggestions will be directions for paths never taken.

Following This Guide

Erotic Passions is for both men and women. Some of the techniques are applicable only to a woman's body and some only to a man's body. Most are for every body. In Erotic Passions, you can begin anywhere. Simply pick it up from the nightstand beside your bed and look at the table of contents for an adventure of interest. Or just flip to a page. If something strikes your fancy, cuddle up to your partner and ask for a date (five minutes from now or next week). For encouragement, you might read a few passages aloud. Some of the activities will take preparation; a few may take practice. Others require an open mind. For some, you just kick back the bed sheets. Remember to be open to receiving as well as giving. Pleasuring another is a flattering gift. But unless we are willing to allow our partner to conduct occasionally, after a while the concerts may lose their excitement. Regardless of your role, the most important guideline is to have fun.

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