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erotic passions
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erotic passions

Secret Garden Publishing - Kenneth Ray Stubbs
Erotic Passions

A Guide to Orgasmic Massage, Sensual Bathing,
Oral Pleasuring, and Ancient Sexual Positions

by Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Ph.D.

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Foreword by Beverly Whipple, Ph.D., R.N.


1. The Inner Chamber: A Sensuous Bath

2. Passion Fruit: An Epicurean Bath

3. Summer Rain: A Sensuous Shower

4. Hidden Treasures: Pleasure Mapping

5. Lingering in the Afterglow: A Facial Massage

6. Ritual and Reverence: A Foot-Bathing Ceremony

7. Fantasy Island: Aural Massage

8. Lolita's Lips: Oral Massage, Part I

9. The Big, Bad Wolf: Oral Massage, Part II

10. Garden of Unearthly Delights: Oral Massage, Part III

ORGASMIC MASSAGE for women and men - Special Section

11. A Slow Hand, An Easy Touch: Female Genital Massage, Part I

12. Rockin’ Around the Clock: Female Genital Massage, Part II

13. The Gee!-Spot Stroke: The G Spot

14. The Hole in the Donut: Male Genital Massage, Part I

15. The Gift of Pleasure: Male Genital Massage, Part II

16. Down There: A Pelvic Bathing Ceremony

17. A Man's G Spot?: Deep Pelvic Massage

18. The S Spot and Other Pleasure Resorts: Two New Sexual Response ‘Spots’

19. Soothing Vibrations: Vibrators, Part I

20. Erotic Vibrations: Vibrators, Part II

21. The Land of Whipped Cream and Honey: Breast Massage

22. Naughty but Nice: Fantasy Games for Lovers

23. The Three-Hands Massage: Manual Massage with Coitus



A. Theoretical Frameworks: Sexual Health, Sensate Therapy, and Tantra

B. Safer-Sex, Responsible Sex

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Copyright © 2001. Secret Garden Publishing. All rights reserved.

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