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erotic massage


Secret Garden Publishing - Kenneth Ray Stubbs
Erotic Massage
The Touch of Love

in Spanish
Masaje Erótico
para Parejas

La caricia del amor

by Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Ph.D.

erotic massage  erotic massage

erotic massage   erotic massage


Secret Garden Publishing - Kenneth Ray Stubbs


This is a language
without words.

This is a time
outside of time.

This is a song
that sings
a celebration.

This is the touch of love.



This is a book about love.
is a feeling.
To express love
is called

This is a love book especially for lovers.
Your boyfriend, your girlfriend
your wife
your husband
your significant other, your lover, your mate
the label is not important
the feeling is.
You may be friends
exploring becoming lovers.
You may be lovers
exploring becoming friends.
What is most important
is that
what you do

Massage simply stated
simply is
patterned touch.
We might say
a caress
is unpatterned touch.
Which you choose to give
or to receive
depends on the mood.
Be open to either.
Both heal.
Both nurture.
Both excite.
If you choose to caress,
close this book
and enjoy.
If you choose to massage,
study the following
and enjoy.

During the massage,
either or both of you
might feel erotic.
You might fall asleep.
You might burst out in laughter
or in tears.
You might or might not
have sex before,
or after.
However, should sex or orgasm become
the goal,
you might miss
many other pleasures.
Wait for each moment
each feeling
to unfold

is an art
when you
express yourself
with sensitivity
with awareness.
Let your touch
without demands
without expectations.
At first
the techniques
will be
like learning
to ride a bicycle.
After a while
the awkward will become
Your touch
will come
to nourish
the body
the mind
the spirit.
You will also find
your lover’s body
— in stillness —
pleasuring your hands.
Let your fingertips
the curve
the rough, the smooth
the firm
the soft.
Let yourself feel.

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