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erotic massage


Secret Garden Publishing - Kenneth Ray Stubbs
Erotic Massage
The Touch of Love

in Spanish
Masaje Erótico
para Parejas

La caricia del amor

by Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Ph.D.

If schools and universities were ever to offer Lovemaking 101, I feel that at least half of the course should be on giving and receiving nurturing massage.

EROTIC MASSAGE presents long, flowing strokes for the whole body including female and male genitals. This was the first massage book to explicitly illustrate genital massage.

After I graduated from massage school in San Francisco and began massaging professionally, I became much more aware of subtle energies when touching another. Sexual energy was often a part of the energetic dance. Rather than suppressing these natural energies, I decided to teach massage seminars on how to include the genitals as a part of a massage between consenting partners.

Because of my academic background in teaching sociology and my certification in massage, I was invited to teach a course in somatic approaches to sex therapy and education at the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco.

EROTIC MASSAGE is based on these seminars and courses I taught for over fifteen years throughout North America and Europe.

A few years after publishing EROTIC MASSAGE, I wrote in addition a slightly different edition entitled Tantric Massage. This version focused more on readers with a meditation background. Tarcher/Putnam now publishes this edition as a part of a larger book by me entitled THE ESSENTIAL TANTRA: A Modern Lover’s Guide to Sacred Sexuality. Tarcher/Putnam also publishes the tantric massage version as a single book, EROTIC MASSAGE: The Tantric Touch of Love.

Because of the extensive positive response to EROTIC MASSAGE, I produced an accompanying video, EROTIC MASSAGE VIDEO. Together, these offer lovers and potential lovers a meaningful avenue to deepen both pleasure and intimacy.

Copyright © 2001. Secret Garden Publishing. All rights reserved.

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